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Second Grade Standards Edition Teacher Guides

The Second Grade Teacher Guide is a full colored, spiral bound, and easy to navigate guide will be a teacher’s essential tool to the Second Grade scope and sequence. This includes in-depth page by page instruction supported by the Concrete- Representational- Abstract learning continuum with progress monitoring and lesson planning features to guide and support your instruction.


Please note, this product is intended to be used as a replacement teacher’s guide only. Your TouchMath curriculum purchase already includes a teacher’s guide – a digital version for TouchMath NOW orders or a spiral bound guide for print purchases. This replacement teacher’s guide is for teacher use only with the corresponding TouchMath curriculum unit(s) and does not include any student activities. You can purchase our curriculum with activity sheets and student workbooks online or by contacting your account manager.


Second Grade Standards Edition Teacher Guides
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More about this product

The Second Grade Teacher Guide for this math curriculum is an all-in-one resource that is designed to help teachers provide comprehensive and engaging math instruction to their students. The guide includes detailed unit and module overviews, which provide an in-depth look at the concepts and skills that will be covered in each section of the curriculum. One of the key features of the Teacher Guide is the teacher script, which provides a step-by-step guide to teaching each lesson. The script includes specific instructions for each activity and is designed to make it easy for teachers to follow along and deliver effective instruction.

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Sherrie Joiner
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Melissa Barton
Middle School Mathematics Teacher
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Jenny Edwards
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