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U.S. Districts See Breakthrough Growth in Math Engagement, Proficiency, and Mastery

In July 2023, a large metro district in the western U.S. started integrating TouchMath district-wide into Special Education classes. The overall growth for completed progress-monitored assignments was 67.2%.


In March 2024, teachers created or assigned 1,033 individualized lessons from TouchMath’s digital platforms. Each lesson took under two minutes to create. This allowed educators to rapidly adjust lessons to each student’s math learning journey and monitor their individual progress.

Here’s an example from one of their teachers:

Eight out of 16 students in Teacher A’s Special Ed Resource Room had not mastered subtraction as of January 3, 2024. Individual learning plans were built in TouchMath PRO to support classroom instruction. After two weeks of interventions in TouchMath PRO, done in tandem with classroom instruction, 87% of students exited having met the mastery level set by Teacher A. While one student continues to work in TouchMath PRO and shows steady growth week-over-week.

What is TouchMath NOW?

TouchMath NOW is an award-winning platform designed to simplify math education for teachers. With robust downloadable teacher guides, hands-on activity sheets, and more, TouchMath NOW allows easy access to every TouchMath curriculum resource.

What is TouchMath PRO?

TouchMath PRO is an award-winning, digital intervention. Using math progressions based on key foundational skills from the TouchMath Skills Rainbow, students progress through explicit, systematic instruction that adapts, based on their responses.

Building Trusted Math Foundations

TouchMath is rooted in principles that are continuously validated by independent, primary, and secondary research. This is not just a math program, but an approach that enhances students’ math comprehension and mastery. By utilizing a unique multi-modal approach and sequential strategy, TouchMath takes learning to a whole new level. Don’t just teach math, inspire a love for it with TouchMath.

About TouchMath

Dyscalculia Awareness Day

TouchMath is an evidence-based, multisensory approach to mathematics that can help students when other math learning solutions fail. If a student suffers from dyscalculia, they can still succeed in mathematics, and we have the resources to support you so you can better support them. 



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