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TouchMath PRO is a digital tool that helps teachers personalize learning for specific math intervention. It provides students with engaging math lessons — available in both English and Spanish — to improve their skills, all through a flexible digital interface suitable for different learning settings.

TouchMath PRO is the most adaptive way to address each student's math learning gaps.

TouchMath PRO is a powerful personalized learning tool for both General and Special Education student populations. With specialized lesson modes, TouchMath PRO can be used to diagnose skill gaps, set skill goals to support individualized education program (IEP) implementation, and reinforce skills based on your students’ individual needs – all while our algorithm guides recommended next steps based on real-time student responses. With options to complete lessons digitally or by printable activity sheets, in both English and Spanish, TouchMath PRO is a flexible solution suitable for every classroom.

A Rainbow of Skills

Create personalized paths for targeted intervention using our visually distinct Skills Rainbow. Building from number sense to algebra (including TouchPoints), the Skills Rainbow makes it easy to assign skills-focused interventions for personalized student achievement. 

A HUB for Students

Log in and complete TouchMath PRO digital lessons on a tablet device or desktop computer. This student-friendly platform includes a robust set of multisensory features, customizable visual cues, language and accessibility options, and age-appropriate achievements.

A HUB for Educators

Assign, track, and report all while creating a student digital portfolio that includes TouchMath PRO intervention plans, uploaded curriculum activities, and more. Set individual student proficiency targets for powerful teacher and administrator reports that help drive continued progress.

3 Lesson Modes that Help Each Student Succeed

There are three lesson modes in TouchMath PRO, each providing a different approach to identify skill gaps and help push students forward. Start with a Progression/Assessment plan to quickly identify a recommended starting point. From there you can set a Learning Target plan that aligns with student IEP goals or math learning targets. Provide Reinforcement plans as needed to reinforce gaps or ensure retention with targeted skills practice. 


Our built-in proprietary algorithm assess student answers in real time, pushing them forward or back to identify the key foundational skill to use as a starting point.

Learning Target

Set a target skill that matches the student’s IEP or math goal to get an individualized lesson plan that includes all the key foundational skills needed to reach their goal. 


Create digital and print skills-focused plans for targeted practice to address skills gaps, and to reinforce previously-learned concepts – all without recycling problems.

Individualized Proficiency Expectations

  • Every student has challenges and experiences that are unique to them – and their learning plans should reflect this. TouchMath PRO is equipped to set custom math proficiency expectations for each individual student, to help them close the achievement gap in a way that is consistent with their IEP or personalized goals. 
  • Proficiency expectations help educators quickly spot where a student needs extra support or intervention across all TouchMath activities and highlights when a student has achieved proficiency and is ready to move forward. 

Personalized Learning in Action

  • TouchMath PRO makes math learning progressions clear and actionable for targeted learning. Our Skills Rainbow includes the key foundational skills students need to succeed in different math domains. 
  • Skill strands build vertically from number sense through algebra in the same manner as standard math progressions. Each skill strand grows in difficulty and grade level (K-6) while providing additional customizations for skill focus and visual cues.  
  • TouchPoint skills are offered at the base of the Skills Rainbow to ensure students and teachers alike are skilled in the TouchMath methodology. 
  • Each key foundational skill includes interactive sample problems, strategies on how to work the problem with the student, and how to support student learning with manipulatives. Included crosswalks streamline the process of identifying sequential steps associated with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and state standard benchmarks, and alignments to the TouchMath curriculum. 
  • After the student has been assessed, Learning Target and Reinforcement plans can be assigned as digital lessons or as downloadable or printable activity sheets. 

Interactive Student Experience

  • The Student HUB platform is an intuitive way for students to complete digital lessons on a tablet device or desktop computer – accessible in both English and Spanish. 
  • Each interactive question is presented one-at-a-time allowing students to focus on finding the correct answer without feeling overwhelmed. Each question is auto-scored and provides immediate feedback allowing students to learn from mistakes before moving forward. 
  • A variety of response modes allow students to physically interact with their lessons, while also preparing them for testing expectations. 
  • Students can easily toggle lessons between English and Spanish, allowing them to interact with all multisensory visual cues, guided voice directions, and count-aloud TouchPoints in the language of their choosing. 

Downloadable Activity Sheets

  • TouchMath PRO also gives educators the ability to assign downloadable activity sheets, providing the freedom to enhance lessons with hands-on experiences using TouchMath manipulatives. Activity sheets can be customized to print in English or Spanish and include selected visual cues. 
  • Choose the layout that meets individual student needs – with options for 1, 2, or 4 problems per page. This allows students to focus on their lesson content in a way that is best suited for their age and learning ability. Activity sheets are free of any grade level reference, so students can work with confidence at any level. 
  • Activity sheets are downloadable in PDF format. Print for in-person use or distribute electronically via your email or school learning management system. Answer keys and strategies are easily accessible in the student lessons list, making grading and score entry the easiest part of your day.  

Data-Driven Reporting

  • Digital Student Portfolio: As students complete digital lessons, all work is cataloged in a digital student portfolio , making it easy to view student responses and monitor student achievement. Better yet, images of completed student activity sheets and supporting work can be uploaded, helping to build a comprehensive portfolio of work that all lives in one convenient location. 
  • Educator Reports: Individual student and group reports showcase student progress across all TouchMath digital and print lessons, with individual reports that highlight: Performance & Growth, Progress & Intervention Needs, Individual Skills, Grade Level Performance, Digital Usage, and DySc Screenings. Each interactive report can be customized and downloaded to share with co-teachers and caregivers. 
  • Administrator Reports: For school and district leaders, a specialized administrator account dashboard provides a detailed view of teacher and student usage, along with performance across all of your connected groups/classes, and school sites. 

Implementation and Data Privacy

  • TouchMath PRO is proud to partner with the following data providers for rostering and single sign on (SSO) integrations: Blackboard, Canvas, Classlink, Clever, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, and open data standards for LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3. Additional Learning Management System, Student Information System, and Identity Management Platform integration options may be available. Please contact a member of our Implementation Team to check accessibility by emailing TouchMath PRO also makes self-rostering easy with built-in features and one-on-one guided support from our knowledgeable Implementation Team. 
  • TouchMath PRO does collect and store student data, meaning a data privacy agreement (DPA) may be required by your school or district.
  • TouchMath PRO is compliant with COPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and state privacy laws. Review the TouchMath PRO Privacy Policy and TouchMath PRO Terms.