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TouchMath Extend

Lesson 16: Addition within 5

Lesson Objectives

  • Review Touching/Counting Patterns for numbers 1-5 
  • Join together groups of objects to add  
  • Use addition and equal symbols 
  • Combine groups in pictures to add 
  • Add using Pictorial TouchPoints 
  • Count on using TouchPoints 


  • Extend Workbook (Page 16) 
  • Crayons or markers 
  • Counters or manipulatives 
  • TouchMath’s Foam Numerals with TouchMath’s TouchPoints with or without pictures 

Step 1: Warm Up (5 min)

Take out Foam Manipulatives and TouchPoints (TPP) with images. Practice using manipulatives of your choosing (TPPs or other manipulatives) and practice sorting groups with manipulatives (e.g. 2 and 1, making 3; 2 and 2 making 4; 3 and 1 making 4). Review TouchPoints and counting patterns on using TouchMath’s Foam Numerals and TouchPoints. Remind students when adding two different groups that groups can be anything: chickens, squares, carrots, or leaves. 

Step 2: Vocab Review (5 min)

Review addends, addition, addition sign, equals, and sum. Remind students that there are multiple ways to show adding but in this lesson you will be using counters and the TouchPoints to combine addends to find the sum. Sum is the answer to an addition sentence. It means the same as total, in all, and altogether. 

Step 3: Model (5 min)

Take the Foam TouchNumeral 2 and place in front of your students with 2 objects, the TouchNumeral 3 with 3 objects, and ask students to count altogether. Repeat this using two different addends (with sums no greater than 6. Make sure to include the number of objects below each Foam TouchNumeral. Review the counting patterns on the TouchPoints. 

Step 4: Guided Practice (5 min)

Demonstrate counting on using the objects. Count the objects in the first addend, count on the number in the second addend. Count and place the number of counters beside each number in the number sentence. Tell students to say the first number and count on the second number. Have students work in pairs or in groups and give them two different addends (e.g. 1 and 3) and practice placing the TouchPoints on the Foam TouchNumerals and underneath both addends place the correct counters. Have students say the addition sentence: “1 plus 3 equals 4,” coming up with the sum after following each step, counting the TouchPoints and counting the number of objects under each addend. Do this another 3-5 times. 

Step 5: Student Practice (5 min)

Go to Student Workbook Page (16). Remind students to get the number of counters represented by each addend in all addition problems and to place the counters next to each number. Have students color in each TouchPoint image on the addends and count them as they go. Place the sum in the rectange box. For the next set of problems, continue placing counters next to each addend (as needed) or just count on using the TouchPoints on the numbers. Write the sum below each problem in the rectangle. For the last two problems, start with the number on the left and count the addends on both numbers. Write the sum on the line to the right of the equal sign. 

Step 6: Wrap Up (5 min)

To wrap up the lesson, review the learning objectives and core vocabulary words again and ask your students about their experience.