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We’re Attending Bett UK 2023 in London!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Bett UK in London later this month! Bett is the global community for education technology with a mission to spark ideas, create connections and accelerate trade, driving impact and improving outcomes for teachers and learners. 

As TouchMath approaches our 50th anniversary, we’re thrilled to be kicking off our expansion overseas. Math is truly a global language, and we’re far overdue in bringing our multisensory approach to benefit struggling students outside of North America. 

Evidence-based and research-proven, TouchMath is grounded in the Concrete–Representational–Abstract continuum. This approach is effective where other approaches to math fail. The techniques students learn with TouchMath can be applied anywhere they encounter math — whether in their general education curriculum or in the real world.  

With our complete update of curriculum in 2022, TouchMath has brought the key elements of Universal Design for Learning to the forefront, providing multiple options for engagement, representation, and action & expression.  

We know that students who struggle with math, regardless of having a formal diagnosis of dyscalculia or other learning disability, can experience frustration, anxiety, and have worse life outcomes. There is a solution — and we’re now making it available globally. 

  • We know that Information that is not attended to, that does not engage learners’ cognition, is in fact inaccessible. That’s why TouchMath uses a variety of age-appropriate manipulatives and imagery to engage every student, regardless of background or disability status. 
  • We know that learners differ in the ways that they perceive and comprehend information that is presented to them, so TouchMath offers different ways of presenting content. There is no single means of representation that’s optimal for all students, so we allow teachers to mix it, allowing each learner to connect with key math concepts. 
  • And we know that learners differ in the ways that they can navigate a learning environment and express what they know so that’s why we allow students to work digitally or in print — allowing each to work and learn in a manner that works for them as individuals. 

In addition to exhibiting (we’ll be at stand #SP53), on Friday, March 31st, our Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Sandra Elliott, will be presenting at the Tech and Learning Stage on effective intervention for struggling math students from traditionally underserved populations. Attendees will learn about effective and appropriate instructional approaches, learning strategies, digital tools, and how best to adapt them to fit the needs of all student populations. 

Members of our academic team will also be connecting with leading experts on dyscalculia and other learning disabilities, learning about what others are doing to support struggling math students, and forging new relationships and connections with researchers in the UK, EU, and beyond. TouchMath is committed to advancing the teaching (and learning) of Math for all students. We’ve made huge strides in the past decades and we’re not letting up any time soon. 

We’re incredibly proud to be taking this next step in furthering our mission to support all math teachers and learners. If you’ll be in London for Bett UK, please stop by and see us at Stand #SP53 to learn more about how TouchMath can support you.