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TouchMath Launches New Digital Platform

TouchMath Pro allows educators to personalize intervention and remediation to effectively address learning gaps.

Colorado Springs, CO (January 25, 2021) — Between the shift to distance learning in response to COVID-19 and regular summer learning loss, students in the United States could be up to a year behind in math. To meet the need for educators to catch students up quickly and effectively, TouchMath, the only curriculum that uses the numeral as a manipulative to help students build a strong foundation in the concrete before moving through representational thinking and abstract concepts, has launched TouchMath Pro.


TouchMath Pro is a digital platform that supports personalized learning and remediation in any environment and is designed to be used as a standalone resource, a supplement for existing math programs, or together with TouchMath’s award-winning manipulatives. The platform builds on TouchMath’s 46 years of research-backed methodology and empowers educators to more effectively address gaps in learning.


“Whether educators are back in their classrooms, teaching in a hybrid model, or completely remote, their need for resources that support quick, effective math remediation and intervention has never been stronger,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer for TouchMath. “Each student’s learning path is unique, and each student has been uniquely impacted in their learning environment over the last year. Students can be as much as a year behind in math, and it’s critical educators have engaging, effective resources to close these learning gaps.”


The platform allows educators to address learning gaps by targeting specific skills and learning progressions where students need a stronger foundation in math. With TouchMath PRO, educators can develop personalized learning plans for individual students, groups or entire classes. Data-driven intervention reports make it easy for educators to monitor student progress, collaborate with peers and safely share data. TouchMath PRO also helps with developing and updating IEP goals, as the skills and foundational skills align with any intervention system.


“Personalized learning is critical, especially for intervention and remediation,” continued Dr. Elliott. “Remediation and intervention can be done in any learning environment or classroom, but the approach needs to be tailored to the needs of individual students.”


TouchMath PRO works as a standalone math curriculum or as a supplement to core and intervention programs. With access to over 5,000 TouchMath activity sheets, educators can provide targeted scaffolding and customized activity packets. Additional features, including a student-facing component are in development. TouchMath PRO is part of an upcoming efficacy study conducted by MCREL, expected to launch in 2021.


To learn more about TouchMath PRO and sign up for a demo, visit