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TouchMath Announces New Academics Director

Colorado Springs, CO – December 1, 2021 – TouchMath welcomes new Academics Director, Sam Wertheim. Sam has been a mathematics teacher and math coordinator for Southold UFSD for the past 15 years. He has advocated for better math instruction as a New York State Education Department as an ambassador for mathematics at the state level. Sam has given lectures on education and mathematics at NCTM, NYSED, the US Department of Education in Washington DC, and state and local districts. He has authored over 100 works on mathematics, learning, teaching, and research-based intervention practices.

Sam has also worked on the federal level with the US Department of Education’s NIMAC sector giving students and districts access to high-level curricula. For the past 8 years, Sam has been a Professor of Graduate Education in the Mathematics Department at Touro University focusing on teacher training, mathematics instruction, and STEM integration. He has an undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University in Educational Psychology and Japanese Language, a dual Master’s Degree from Touro University in Education and Mathematics. He is currently working towards his Masters of Behavioral Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook.  Some of Sam’s past projects include Eureka Mathematics, National Council for Teacher Quality (Think Tank – Washington, DC), Accelerated Learning (STEM Scopes), US Department of Education’s UdL framework initiative, NYSED Mathematics Initiative (2012-2017), US DoD DARPA initiative on Cyber Security and Defense, and countless projects in both curriculum architecture and education technology.