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Have you ever witnessed a struggling student transform into a confident math whiz through targeted intervention? 

Join us on February 13, 2024 as we delve into mat intervention methods that have the power to propel students to new heights of proficiency. Using research-based, evidence-proven strategies we can provide positive math experiences for all students whether they are working through a temporary math struggle or a specific math learning disability like dyscalculia. All students deserve to be math empowered.   


In this session you’ll walk away with: 

  • Ideas on prioritizing math skills for individualized students   
  • Tips for decreasing teacher and student stress through embedded resources and assessments 
  • An understanding of how to use state standards, key skills, and math progressions to target critical skills for student math success 


Audience: This session is suitable for all educators, and participation does not necessitate prior familiarity with the TouchMath program.