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Computation Step Posters: Multiplication

Are you looking to help your students understand and master their multiplication skills? Look no further than TouchMath Multiplication Computation Step Posters! With six full-color posters, your students can learn the building blocks of basic multiplication up through more tricky equations with regrouping. Each set of posters include 24 printable activity sheets, to your students practice and really master their multiplication skills. We have also included digital versions of our posters, so you can display them on any device.


Computation Step Posters: Multiplication
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This set of six full-color 11″ by 17″ TouchMath Multiplication Computation Step Posters serve as a giant visual reinforcement to your daily multiplication lessons. The large visual cues make it easy for your students to work through any sticking points and easily master their multiplication skills.

Six full-color posters:

  • Beginning Multiplication 1
  • Beginning Multiplication 2
  • Double-digit Multiplication
  • Three-digit Multiplication
  • Multiplication with Regrouping
  • Multiplication by Double Digits

Downloadable content:

  • Digital versions of each poster*
  • 24 printable activity sheets
*Digital posters are not printable.
"Our students that were struggling in math were able to do addition and subtraction just like their peers after being introduced to TouchMath."
Lisa Barrett
Creekside Christian Montessori
"The kids are learning! TouchMath is a GREAT resource."
Sherrie Joiner
Forsyth County Schools
"I love the songs and the visual aids for the students."
Melissa Barton
Middle School Mathematics Teacher
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Jenny Edwards
Literacy Coach