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Hands-On 3-D Numerals – Single Student – Home Only

This single-student hands-on tool is designed for home use and includes a set of 3-D Numerals, downloadable activity sheets, and a video playlist to help parents and students use the TouchMath method for ESY/summer school, homeschooling, distance learning, and independent learning assignments.


Hands-On 3-D Numerals - Single Student - Home Only
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More about this product

If you are a parent looking for an effective and engaging way to support your child’s learning at home, this single-student hands-on toolkit is the perfect solution. The toolkit includes a set of 3-D Numerals with magnetic backing, as well as one addition sign and two subtraction signs. These tools are designed to help your child learn math concepts in a tangible and interactive way, making it easier for them to understand and retain what they are learning.
In addition to the 3-D Numerals, this toolkit also includes 60 downloadable activity sheets that provide a range of math exercises and problems for your child to work on. These activity sheets are specifically designed to complement the use of the 3-D Numerals, helping your child to build their math skills in a structured and supportive way.

To help you and your child make the most of this toolkit, we have also included a video playlist that teaches the proven TouchMath method. This method has been developed by education experts and is designed to help children of all ages and abilities to learn math concepts more effectively. By using the TouchMath method with the 3-D Numerals and activity sheets provided in this toolkit, you can help your child to build a strong foundation in math and prepare them for success in the future.

"Our students that were struggling in math were able to do addition and subtraction just like their peers after being introduced to TouchMath."
Lisa Barrett
Creekside Christian Montessori
"The kids are learning! TouchMath is a GREAT resource."
Sherrie Joiner
Forsyth County Schools
"I love the songs and the visual aids for the students."
Melissa Barton
Middle School Mathematics Teacher
"My TouchMath Account Manager was extremely helpful in guiding me through what I needed to fit within my budget."
Jenny Edwards
Literacy Coach