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Pre-K Standards Edition Unit – Print Only

Join Scout on fun and engaging themed adventures that guide students through each module of our Pre-K math curriculum program. This unit will guide learners through skills like counting, recognizing numerals, shapes and sizes, and matching quantities. With TouchMath’s Pre-K Standards Edition Unit, every critical Pre-K topic that prepares your students for Kindergarten is right here in one unit with five conveniently-labeled modules, paving the way for future math success.


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Pre-K Standards Edition Unit - Print Only
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More about this product

Every critical Pre-K topic that prepares your students for kindergarten is right here in one unit with five conveniently-labeled modules.

Our Pre-K Program Contains:

  • 130+ student activity sheets in five themed modules
  • Page-by-page directed teacher instruction grounded in CRA and UDL
  • Pre- and post -tests for each module

Curriculum Details:

  • Module 1: Adventures in Space (Counting)
  • Module 2: Adventures at the Zoo (TouchPoints)
  • Module 3: Adventures in the Kitchen (Classifying)
  • Module 4: Adventures in the Arts (2-D Shapes)
  • Module 5: The Final Adventure (Graphs)

Learning Outcomes

  • Relate manipulatives to paper/pencil activities
  • Develop number sense
  • Master oral counting
  • Identify numbers
  • Understand numeral/quantity relationship
  • Relate manipulatives to paper/pencil activities
  • Represent quantities and numbers
  • Compare numbers and quantities
  • Learn to sort and classify objects
  • Begin graphing and patterning objects
  • Manipulate numbers and quantities
  • Identify and differentiate 2-D shapes
  • Sort and classify 2-D shapes
  • Develop beginning math vocabulary

Teacher Guide Details:

  • Full color throughout for easy navigation and improved clarity.
  • Page-by-page instruction and answer keys
  • Instruction anchored in research-backed C-R-A principles
  • Multi-sensory guided practice and discussion points
  • Precise scope and sequence
  • Real world examples and student engagement techniques
  • Progress monitoring and lesson planning features
  • Expanded with more content, redesigned in full-color
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Forsyth County Schools
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Melissa Barton
Middle School Mathematics Teacher
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