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Research-Based Math Program

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A growing body of independent, primary and secondary research continues to validate the fundamental principles of the TouchMath system and point to a common conclusion: TouchMath’s multisensory approach and sequential strategy improve student math comprehension and mastery.

TouchMath Intervention vs. Traditional Intervention: Is There a Difference?

The data indicates that TouchMath is a more effective method for teaching students with mild learning disabilities.

A Foundational Research Base for the TouchMath Program

Presents the ways that TouchMath fosters transition to more advanced skills and to traditional curriculum.

Effects of the TouchMath Program Compared to a Number Line Strategy

Results indicated that the TouchMath strategy was more effective and efficient for single-digit addition problems.

TouchMath: Is it an Effective, Developmentally Appropriate Intervention for Preschoolers?

Valinda Jo Barkley, M.Ed in Early Childhood Education

Dr. Maureen Gerard, Ph.D




TouchMath and Students with Learning Disabilities

The Effectiveness of Using TouchMath Addition Techniques with Students with Learning Disabilities
Sharon H. Bergman Concordia University, Portland

TouchMath and Addition Computation Fluency

 The Effects of Mathematics Instruction Incorporating the TouchMath Program on Addition Computational Fluency in a Third-Grade Classroom

Chelsea Ullrich, M.A.T. University of Arkansas

Research-Based Best Practices

TouchMath follows research-based best practices. A 2008 study found that using the program increases computation skills through carefully included engagement, feedback and multisensory methods.

Universal Design for Learning

TouchMath supports a wide range of learners: general education, special education (mainstreamed and resource room), intervention, remediation, ELL’s, and students performing above or below grade level.

Visualization of Mathematics

TouchMath is closely tied to visualization strategies in mathematics – the multisensory CRA approach makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for all students.

Aligned to State Standards

TouchMath is standards-based and aligned to current curriculum standards with a concentration on Focus, Coherence, Application, and Modeling within developmentally appropriate learning trajectories.

Built on the CRA Continuum

The TouchMath program employs manipulative materials, modeling, drawings, and pictures to help students achieve abstract mathematical thinking.

Equitable Intervention

TouchMath products can be used with students on a variety of tiers, including levels 1, 2, and 3 of the IDEA RtI framework. All aimed at early intervention to prevent students from falling behind.

“TouchMath can be the game-changer."

Our whitepaper summarizes all of the independent research conducted regarding TouchMath through 2020. You will find the complete case to be made for TouchMath in modern mainstream classrooms as a core, supplemental, or remedial math program.


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