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Pre-K Math Solutions

Numeracy & Concrete Concepts

TouchMath is made up of five components: curriculum, manipulatives, software, training, and learning aids. Each component is built on research-proven practices and designed to be, “Easy to Teach and Easy to Learn.”


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The Pre-Kindergarten TouchMath curriculum is the fundamental core providing students with a strong foundation in mathematics. Whether you teach in a multi-level, resource, or mainstream classroom, this program has got you covered. The curriculum comes complete with a full-color teacher guide that is easy to follow and implement, as well as digital or print units and student workbooks that provide guided and independent practice for your students.

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Age-appropriate manipulatives provide students a multi-sensory, immersive math learning experience that accelerates the pace at which they grasp numeracy, value, math operations, math facts, and more. Learning takes place on multiple levels of the brain simultaneously, which focuses students’ attention and cements math foundations for better recall and faster growth while virtually eliminating math anxiety.

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Digital Intervention


From adaptive digital interventions like TouchMath Pro, to print-on-demand solutions like TouchMath Now, to portable solutions like TouchMath Connect, our software solutions are designed to close learning gaps, adjust to each student’s aptitudes and challenges, streamline teaching tasks, give real-time insight into student-level, classroom-level, and even district-level progress, and extend UDL principles and errorless learning into familiar devices.

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In order to teach TouchMath with fidelity, every teacher who will be implementing TouchMath needs to be trained. We offer an affordable $99 option for individual teachers and small groups. Those with 12 or more teachers who need to be trained qualify for custom training programs right-sized to your team’s specific needs. 

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Learning Aids

Learning aids provide additional extensions to the TouchMath curriculum, manipulatives and software. All of our resource room learning aids contribute to the variety of tools educators can call on to keep students interested, engaged, and progressing forward.