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MyTouchMath + New Key Foundational Skills

The changing landscape of technology in education can sometimes be overwhelming, but also offers opportunities for math learning like never before. One of the challenges we have heard repeated often is that student-facing learning platforms often have a steep learning curve for educators to implement. At TouchMath, we decided to step in and close the gap for an interactive and student-facing software that is also easy to use.


The MyTouchMath student interface is built on the proven multisensory principles of the TouchMath method, contextualized for today’s students with powerful interactive software, all while being easy for educators to implement. MyTouchMath is the student-facing portion of our innovative digital learning platform, TouchMath Pro. In TouchMath Pro, educators are able to easily craft personalized learning plans for every student, track progress and run growth reports, as well as assign lessons for students to complete.

Here are some of the features that My TouchMath has to offer:


  • MyTouchMath is an intuitive way for students to complete assignments on a tablet or computer. Interactive lessons are accessible in both English and Spanish.
  •  Problems are presented with interactive visual cues and are presented one at a time for easy comprehension and focus.
  • Students receive multisensory stimulation through interactive content, reinforcing sounds, haptic feedback (on supported devices), and achievement awards to celebrate progress and proficiency success.
  • A variety of response modes enable students to be guided through the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (C-R-A) continuum as they progress through their learning plans.

We also wanted to share an exciting update to the content in TouchMath Pro. You may already be familiar with the visually distinct Skills Rainbow featured in TouchMath Pro version 2.0. We are excited to announce that both the Geometry and Measurement & Data strands are now available! Strands for Fractions, Statistics & Probability, and Algebra will be released later this year.


 Learn more about what TouchMath Pro 2.0 can do for your classroom or district by scheduling a free demo!