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Math Solutions for Students with Dyscalculia

At TouchMath, we’ve championed inclusive learning through intentional experiences for nearly half a century, addressing the acute needs of students with dyscalculia. Recognizing the need for a solution to support this overlooked student population, we developed the Dyscalculia Extension, a revolutionary program that aligns with our proven TouchMath methodology. This resource, equipped with 60 interactive games, 180 activity sheets, and standards-aligned curriculum, targets the core deficits of dyscalculia, offering students a transformative opportunity to excel in math.

Dyscalculia Awareness


When paired with TouchMath curriculum and methodology, the Dyscalculia Extension becomes a powerhouse of evidence-based strategies, tested and proven to assist those who find math challenging. TouchMath’s Dyscalculia Extension is a multi-faceted solution tailored specifically to address the unique challenges faced by students with dyscalculia through a variety of interactive, multisensory activities. Comprised of 20 sections, this dynamic extension includes a wealth of resources such as 60 math games, 180 download-able activity sheets, and curriculum that aligns with Standards Edition, all designed to promote continual learning and rehearsal.


Not only does the program offer diverse activity and question types, including open-ended critical thinking and word problems, but it also provides essential aids like visual supports, meta-cognitive strategies, and rubrics and monitoring sheets, making it a comprehensive tool is suitable for both Special Education and General Education classrooms, fully aligned with the DSM-5.

TouchMath's Dyscalculia Extension

TouchMath’s Dyscalculia Extension Key Benefits:

TouchMath’s Dyscalculia Extension is a multisensory, dynamic math program designed to meet dyscalculic students where they are by targeting the core complexities of dyscalculia. Key benefits to note are:

  • Our extension is comprised of 20 total sections including 60 math games and tasks, 180 downloadable math activity sheets, and aligned Standards Edition curricula that encourages repeated rehearsal.
  • It also includes graphic organizers, visual supports, meta-cognitive and dyscalculia specific strategies, and rubrics and monitoring sheets.
  • Activity and question types vary to include open-ended critical thinking and word problems.
  • Our flexible program alleviates the need for teachers to self-create curriculum for math-struggling students.
  • TouchMath’s Dyscalculia Extension is backed by almost 50 years of specific math intervention expertise and is aligned with the DSM-5.
  • The extension can be used in both Special Education and General Education classrooms.


TouchMath’s Dyscalculia Extension integrates seamlessly with our existing suite of solutions that provide explicit access to evidence-based strategies proven to help individuals who struggle with mathematics. TouchMath Standards Edition is strongly recommended to maximize the benefit of the Dyscalculia Extension.

About TouchMath

Dyscalculia Awareness Day

TouchMath is an evidence-based, multisensory approach to mathematics that can help students when other math learning solutions fail. If a student suffers from dyscalculia, they can still succeed in mathematics, and we have the resources to support you so you can better support them. 


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