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Specialized Math Manipulatives

Manipulatives make math concrete

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Our soft, tactile shapes and objects, have been carefully developed to encourage and reinforce math skills such as counting, sorting, and patterning.

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Our kindergarten math manipulatives are designed to engage and captivate young children while promoting their numerical literacy through a hands-on, tactile approach.

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1st Grade

Our math manipulatives for first grade provide a tactile and visual approach to math that helps students grasp abstract concepts. 

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2nd Grade

Our second grade math manipulatives provide students with a deeper understanding of math concepts, including skip counting, multiplication, and division. 

3rd Grade + Icoon
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3rd Grade & Up

We offer age-appropriate manipulatives that are designed to meet the needs of older students, bridging the gap between early childhood math tools and those used in higher math. With TouchMath, students can build the confidence, skills, and understanding they need to excel in math and beyond.