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Explore MyTouchMath: Our Student-Facing Digital Interface

The changing landscape of technology in education can be overwhelming, but also offers opportunities for math learning like never before. At TouchMath, we wanted to step in and close the gap with an easy-to-use platform that is also interactive and student-facing. You may have heard that we have launched a dramatic update to TouchMath Pro.

In version 2.0, the MyTouchMath student interface is built on the proven multisensory principles of the TouchMath method, contextualized for today’s students with powerful interactive software, all while being easy for educators to implement.

Here are some of the features:

  • MyTouchMath is an intuitive way for students to complete assignments on a tablet or computer. Interactive lessons are accessible in both English and Spanish.
  • Problems are presented with interactive visual cues and are presented one at a time for easy comprehension and focus.
  • Students receive multisensory stimulation through interactive content, reinforcing sounds, and achievement awards to celebrate progress and proficiency success.
  • A variety of response modes enable students to be guided through the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (C-R-A) continuum as they progress through their learning plans.

For decades, TouchMath has been at the forefront of multisensory math learning, and we have maintained our research-proven approach even while we branch out into the digital learning realm. MyTouchMath presents interactive problems in both English and Spanish with TouchMath visual cues in an easy-to-use internet connected application. MyTouchMath retains the multisensory approach of using TouchPoints, while empowering students to complete assignments from their computer or tablet on a cutting-edge digital interface.

As students complete lessons on MyTouchMath they will receive auditory reinforcement through positive sounds for correct answers; haptic feedback (on supported devices) when they engage with the TouchPoints; as well as fun visuals and motivating awards all designed to drive students to continue their progress while also engaging their senses.

MyTouchMath is an intuitive way for students to complete lessons on a tablet or desktop computer and is included with your TouchMath Pro subscription. 

To learn more about TouchMath Pro 2.0 and how it can support your current TouchMath implementation, schedule your customized demo today!