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Craft Personalized Learning Plans with the Proficiency Slider

Every math learning journey is as different and unique as each student. For some students, math equations are as fluent as their native speech. For others, even simple math concepts can seem foreign. Whether your students are more advanced or having difficulty remembering basic math concepts and keeping up with their peers, TouchMath Pro gives teachers the tools they need to craft a personalized learning trajectory for every student.   


TouchMath Pro is a powerful digital tool that enables educators to personalize learning for targeted intervention and gives students meaningful and accessible lessons to grow their math skills. The flexible digital interface easily adapts for in-person, distance, and blended learning.


By using the proficiency slider tool in TouchMath Pro, teachers can select where on the sliding scale where each student’s point of proficiency is and craft a specific plan for their needs based on their own individualized standard of success.


Here are some of the highlights of what the proficiency slider has to offer:  


  • The math proficiency slider allows users to customize the level of proficiency for every student to be able to identify their success in relation to their specific learning goals.   
  • Proficiency levels help educators quickly spot where a student needs extra support or remediation across all TouchMath print and digital lessons and highlights when a student has achieved proficiency and is ready to move forward.  
  • Custom proficiency standards for each individual student empower them to close the achievement gap in a way that is consistent with their personal math journey and consistent with their IEP goals.  

TouchMath Pro expands upon TouchMath’s evidence-based, multisensory approach of using the numeral as a manipulative, strategic visual cues, and Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach, while empowering teachers to craft individualized learning plans quickly and easily. Every student has challenges and experiences that are unique to them and their learning plans should reflect this.


To learn more about TouchMath Pro 2.0 and how it can support your current TouchMath implementation, schedule your customized demo today!