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TouchMath works where other approaches fall short
Learning simple math can be hard

TouchMath succeeds where others fall short.

From students with dyscalculia to those with situational learning loss, TouchMath is designed to support every learner and is proven effective in every setting.

See how TouchMath measures up against other methods of teaching math.

Decades of research have proven that TouchMath is an effective way to teach mathematics – and emerging research continues to shed light on why our approach works so well with so many students.

From educators who use TouchMath every day

“Our students have been thriving using TouchMath for addition and subtraction. They’ve made more progress in the first three months of school than they did all of last year. It’s an incredible program.”

Emily Bedford

2nd Grade Math Teacher

“The products are wonderful, and I actually talked to people that could fix a mistake I made when I ordered. Phenomenal customer service!”

Danielle Scandrol
Special Needs Educator

“This is one of the best curriculums for intervention and special education students. It makes numbers real.”

Susan Martin
Elementary Mathematics Teacher
“My students who have been struggling with math are catching on so quickly and making wonderful progress. They are so proud of themselves!”

Diana Mercer
Special Education Teacher
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TouchMath Pro is our award-winning, adaptive software that empowers educators to personalize learning for targeted intervention, and gives students meaningful and accessible lessons to grow their math skills — all in a flexible digital interface that easily adapts for in-person, distance, and blended learning.

Easy to Teach

TouchMath Is Easy To Learn
TouchMath is truly easy to teach. Our program was designed by a teacher and continues to be used in classrooms worldwide.

Easy to Learn

TouchMath Is Easy To Teach
In as little as 3 hours, your teachers can be up and running with enough knowledge to implement TouchMath with fidelity.

Three-Dimensional Manipulatives Help All Students More Easily Grasp Math Concepts



Our Standards-Aligned Curriculum is Backed by Decades of Research

TouchMath was founded by a teacher, and we continue to create the tools that lead our industry in ease of adoption, uniformity of deployment, efficacy, student success, and math confidence. Decades of research show the broad effectiveness of TouchMath and explain why our approach works for so many students.

TouchMath Recruits Nearly the Whole Brain to Ensure Student Engagement

Our unique multi-sensory approach allows students to see, say, touch, and hear math concepts — flooding the mind with learning-aligned inputs, and easily moving students along the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (C-R-A) continuum.

Every Child Counts

TouchMath is Proven Effective for All Students who Struggle with Math

All students are capable of learning basic math and arithmetic — whether or not they have a formal diagnosis of dyscalculia, a math learning disability. Our research-proven approach works for students where others don’t because our methods engage more of the students senses, and operate on the most developed and elemental parts of the human mind.