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5 Autism Facts for Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month and to celebrate, we decided to share some facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder that we found compelling.  


  1. Children with autism often demonstrate superior math skills compared with neurotypical children in the same IQ range
    Many assume that children with neuro-differences, such as those on the autism spectrum are less intelligent than their peers, but the truth is that children with ASD have as great of a range in IQ as neurotypical children, and often have superior math ability.
  2. Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a degenerative condition. 
    Individuals with ASD are able to continuously improve their social ability and gain the prerequisite skills they need to thrive. They are most likely to improve with specialized, individualized services and opportunities for supported inclusion.
  3. It is often speculated that Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton had Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
    Along with many other notable figures in history, it is often thought that both Einstein and Newton were on the autism spectrum, both of whom stand as proof that learners with brain differences can be incredibly intelligent and accomplished.
  4. Researchers speculate that symptoms of ASD differ in males and females.
    This difference is the presentation of symptoms may be a factor in the large discrepancy between boys and girls being diagnosed with ASD. As it stands currently, boys are almost 5 times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than their female peers.
  5. Autism Spectrum Disorder does not have a cure and should not be viewed as a disease.
    There is no “cure” to make children with autism neurotypical. Autism is a brain-difference, not a deficit. Children with autism live fulfilled, productive lives, especially when given individualized care and support.  

To learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and teaching methods that are effective for students with ASD, join us for our free webinar on April 5th! Click here to watch the recording.