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4 Dynamic Learning Modes

TouchMath Pro 2.0 is the perfect cornerstone to complete your TouchMath implementation. This updated version has incredible features that can help your struggling students on their math journey.

A powerful personalized learning tool for General Education and Special Education student populations, TouchMath Pro has options to complete lessons digitally or by printable activity sheets (in English or Spanish). TouchMath Pro is a flexible solution suitable for every classroom.

One of the most significant updates to TouchMath Pro 2.0 is the addition of four dynamic learning modes, which can be used in any order at any time:

  • Learning Target Mode will generate individual lessons for each key foundational skill needed to help the student reach their goal. Each lesson is released one at a time, allowing the educator to ensure proficiency before moving on. This mode is a powerful tool to support IEP implementation and skills-based interventions.
  • Progression Mode allows educators to create a learning plan that will guide students forward or back based on real-time responses. Choose a single key foundational skill as a starting point, and the built-in algorithm will assess student answers in real time, pushing them forward to the more advanced skill when proficiency is met, or dropping them down to reinforce the foundational skill when proficiency is lacking.
  • Reinforcement Mode creates learning plans for deep practice on a particular skill or combination of skills. Select one or more key foundational skills in which the student needs practice and TouchMath Pro will generate targeted practice without recycling problems. This mode is a suitable option for students of all ages and learning preferences.
  • Diagnostic Mode is a non-normed assessment tool designed to help identify learning gaps, check for understanding of key learning concepts, or to help confirm the starting point based on existing assessment data. 

To learn more about TouchMath Pro 2.0 and how it can support your current TouchMath implementation, schedule your customized demo today!