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Our Story

How it all started.

Nearly half a century ago, Janet Bullock was an elementary school teacher searching for a better way to shepherd her students through beginning math—a self-esteem-robbing ordeal for far too many children. 


Then came an idea. She placed counting points on numbers to help certain students understand how a symbol represents a quantity. To her delight, it clicked! This simple idea brought almost immediate results. She had discovered a new way to teach children the critical transition from concrete to symbolic learning. Thus, a new multisensory math was born—TouchMath! 


Years of research and classroom testing followed, and TouchMath grew from a handful of basic activities to what is now a family of hundreds of kits and teaching aids. Today, we provide a complete supplemental curriculum to teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, story problems, time, money and fractions—all at many different grade and ability levels. 

Our mission has evolved from a focus on children with learning disabilities to programs for children of different aptitudes, learning styles, and cultures. Today, you can find TouchMath in all 50 states and in many foreign countries. 


As different as they can be, all children have one especially important desire in common: they want to learn. They want the right answer. They want to do their best. Our purpose is to not disappoint them. 


During the next thirty years, our goal is to help banish math anxiety worldwide, whether that anxiety is born of fear, lack of comprehension, or a learning disability. We really do believe that hope springs eternally. 


TouchMath is unique, available only from TouchMath Acquisition, LLC, and of course, unconditionally guaranteed to help your students succeed.